What is FCPIP?

Community LogoFreeborn County Partners In Prevention Coalition is dedicated to keeping our community and its youth free from the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use.

We’ve been protecting individuals here in Minnesota for many years and it is our mission to continue our efforts. We use education, real life stories, activities, and events to show young people the dangers of these substances so they can avoid peer pressure and negative consequences.

There are many myths as well as stigmas out there surrounding illegal substances, especially alcohol and statistics don’t lie—Young people who start drinking alcohol before age 15 are 5 times more likely to develop alcohol abuse or dependence than people who first used alcohol at age 21 or older. Research for drug use and drug addiction has found similar results. “People who use substances are not (BAD PEOPLE) they are just making (BAD CHOICES).” By presenting facts, involving teens in valuable discussions, and providing volunteer opportunities, we strive to provide support and break through fear or misinformation in a healthy, non-threatening way.

Many of our Coalition members are parents as well and we know the importance of providing prevention to not only our youth but their parents too! We will keep you up to date on features in the news and upcoming events. Our organization also provides resources for drug testing, assessment and treatment.

Our mission is to prevent and reduce substance abuse among Freeborn County youth.

The Freeborn County Partners In Prevention is funded by a Drug Free Communities Support Grant through SAMHSA.

Become a Partner! Join us at our next meeting to find out more!

Freeborn County Partners In Prevention (FC-PIP) is a coalition under the Family Services Collaborative. We are a group of devoted people from many sectors of our community dedicated to preventing and reducing ATOD (alcohol, tobacco and other drug) use among youth in Freeborn County.

FCPIP Committees:

1. Freeborn County Family Services Collaborative Governing Board

2. ATOD Committee

3. Community Partners for Youth

4. Sutstainability Committee

5. YAC’s – Youth Agents of Change at Albert Lea High School, Glenville Emmons High School, Alden Conger High School, Southwest Middle School, and The Rock

Search Institute- 40 Developmental Assets

The FC-PIP Coalition uses Search Institute’s, 40 Developmental Assets as a framework to our work. The Assets are building blocks of healthy development that help our youth grow up healthy, caring and responsible. The more Developmental Assets young people have, the less likely they are to be involved in risk-taking behaviors such as using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Our Coalition believes that:

  • All young people need assets
  • Relationships are key
  • Everyone can build assets
  • Building assets is an on-going process
  • Youth need clear and consistent messages
  • Duplication and repetition of messages is important

Each year 6th-12th grade students in the school districts of Albert Lea, Alden-Conger and Glenville-Emmons take a survey called PRIDE Survey. The results of the survey are reviewed yearly to guide the work of the Coalition and to see what we, as a community, can do to help them thrive! The Coalition will be using this data to identify strategies that will help our youth reduce risky behavior and increase protective factors in their lives. For a presentation or more information please contact us.



“We Value Youth” is a campaign from the FC-PIP Coalition to recognize those in our community who have had an inspiring, valuable positive impact on our youth. Whether it’s through volunteering or just being there, for youth, each nominee has done their best to create a caring, friendly environment for all youth.


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