Youth Alcohol Prevention Task Force

To learn more about the Youth Alcohol Prevention Task Force (FORMERLY ZAP – ZERO ADULT PROVIDERS TASK FORCE please visit:

Parent and Community Awareness

Several strategies are used to increase the knowledge of parents and community members around youth alcohol and drug use. Ranging from parent postcards, school newsletters and local media outlets to expert training and presentations, the Coalition keeps the ever changing landscape of youth alcohol and drug use in the forefront of people’s minds.

Hidden In Plain Sight

This community education tool teaches viewers about how teens conceal their alcohol and drug use. The display features a variety of “hides” (common household product containers used to secretly store marijuana, pills, alcohol, and other drugs without raising the suspicions of adults). Hidden in Plain Sight also educates adults about other familiar objects used to consume drugs or mask the smells and appearance of drug use.

For more information about efforts to raise awareness among parents and community members, contact us.