Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

ACE Pyramid

Statewide efforts to build an infrastructure based on the lessons from the ACE Study. The premise is that the impact of events in childhood & youth has a correlation to adverse behaviors & health issues later in life. Also, the momentum occurring around trauma-informed care supports the focus on protective factors & resilience.

Minnesota is working to build new knowledge, establish partnerships, and adapt policies and practices to reduce the prevalence and impacts of early adversity and to promote health and healing across the life span.


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MN ACE Executive Summary

The Effects of Childhood Stress on Health Across the Lifespan

Building Environments Where Children & Families Thrive by Karina A. Forrest-Perkins * Trauma & child maltreatment * ACE’s & a Trauma Informed Environment * A Community Problem, A Community Solution

Please view the Minnesota Dept. of Health Adverse Childhood Experiences webpage for a list of current ACE presentations and trainings throughout the state.





Community Presentation was held Thursday, April 28th

Keynote Presenter: Dr. Mark Sander, PsyD, LP 


Presentation Slides Available Here:

Freeborn County ACEs and Trauma Training



Community Video of Caring Connections