What is LCTS?

Local Collaborative Time Study, is a federal funding source that is meant to reimburse for time spent performing specific children and family services, as defined by the Random Moment Code Selection. County Public Health, Corrections, and Public schools participate collectively for this claiming.


The Time Study measures specific children & family service activities performed by the Time Study Participant during each calendar quarter. The Participants’ code selections are remitted to the State in which they make a claim to the federal government for reimbursement. That money comes back to the Collaborative to enhance and expand services for children and families in our county.

The success of the Freeborn County Collaborative’s LCTS program is due to the continued support and dedication of more than 180 participants, their supervisors and agencies.



With any questions regarding the Local Collaborative Time Study, please Contact Jenny Hendrickson, the Freeborn County LCTS Coordinator: