Jenny Hendrickson

Professional Facilitator

About Me

I was born and raised in Alden MN.

I currently live on an acreage in between Alden and Albert Lea with my husband and two children ages 6-11.

Graduated from Mankato State with a degree in Alcohol and drug studies and corrections.

I spent the past 17 years working at Fountain Centers. I have a ride range experience in a residential setting which includes working as a tech, doing detox runs, individual and family counseling, groups with men, women, and adolescents, detox counseling, crisis management, admissions, insurance and billing, and utilization reviews.

I often say Addiction is comparable to a big black hole.  Helping people deal with trauma, severe and persistent mental illness, addressing the lack of coping skills, loss of friendships and relationships due to the grueling tool addiction takes on the addict as well as everyone around them.

On many occasions I would see the same person coming in and out of treatment. I gave up guessing a long time ago who was going to be successful in staying sober and who wasn’t.

I also had experienced the joy in seeing people stay sober, live healthy and happy lives. Many of these people do give back to the community and continue to give back to those that suffer.

“I was ready for change and when this opportunity presented itself, I could not pass this up.”